Dear Hunnewell,

Thank you for attending our Hunnewell Parade. I am sure you noticed that the staff dressed as Scrabble. We had a quick All-School Assembly after the parade and built some words with our letters, including READ, CARE, HUNNEWELL, HAWK, BABY, EPIC, FAB, and YES. 

I explained to the students that we are offering a Scrabble Challenge. We are giving every student a piece of paper with all of the letters that were worn by teachers. We are challenging the students in each grade-level to come up with the longest word and the most words. We have provided work space for the children.

The winner of each category at each grade level will a gift certificate to Truly Yogurt. There are three important rules to this challenge.

1. The words must be generated by the student.

2.  Technology cannot be accessed to spell words. (Students can use a dictionary to check the correct spelling and you can of course, help the little ones with this.)

3. Once a letter is used it cannot be used again.

The challenge is due back to the classroom teacher on Friday and the winners will be announced at our next All-School Assembly on November 14th.

Happy Halloween!!



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