Dear Hunnewell,

Yesterday we were fortunate to welcome author and illustrator, Jason Chin to Hunnewell. He shared a message with the students that I think resonated with all of us. He told us to find something that gives you pleasure and then practice what ever it is. He added that he finds practice make it better, not necessarily perfect, but definitely better. He showed the students 20 -30 drawings he did before he was satisfied with the cover of his book Water is Water. He also wrote 70 drafts of his book Grand Canyon, and that was before he even began working with his editor.

We were also fascinated by his drawings. He showed the second through fifth grade how he develops perspective and contour in his paintings and how he layers on color to create depth. He invited our kindergartners and first graders up to scribble on the paper and then showed them how to use their imagination to see something in the scribble. Much to our delight we watched him transform one scribble into a tree and another into a unicorn.

I extend a thank you to our PTO for funding our author visits, and I want to send a special thank you to Naz Hassanein and Candace Lee for coordinating Jason’s visit with Roxanne Scott. I also send a special thank you to Mrs. Scott. Year after year she researches and recommends the best authors and/or illustrators to share their amazing craft with the students and staff at Hunnewell. 



Jason Chin Visit

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