Dear Hunnewell,

Earlier this week your child’s classroom teacher read the story, “Goob and the Bug Collecting Kit” from the 7 Habits of Happy Kids. In this story, Goob, the bear, passes a toy store, sees a bug collecting kit, and decides he wants to have it. He makes a plan to earn the $4 it costs to buy the kit. He then puts his plan into action with the help of his buddy, Jumper Rabbit. They set up a lemonade stand, split the $20 profit, and each make choices about how they will spend their money. Goob is able to buy the bug collecting kit plus additional items. In other words, he achieved his goal. Despite his hard work to earn the money, Jumper buys a miscellaneous selection of toys and candy, and finds that his money “just disappeared.” In the end, Goob helps Jumper see that he should have planned ahead to figure out what his goal was, so that in the end he ended up with what he wanted.  

Yesterday your child met with their learning buddy to complete an activity as they learn about Habit #2 – Begin with the End in Mind. This habit instills the importance of having a plan and following through with it.  It also directly aligns with the Collaborative Association of Social Emotional Learning competencies, Self-Awareness and Self-Management.

  • Self-Awareness: The ability to accurately recognize one’s own emotions, thoughts and values and how they influence behavior. The ability to accurately assess one’s strengths and limitations, with a well-grounded sense of confidence, optimism and “growth mindset.”
  • Self-Management: The ability to successfully regulate one’s emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in different situations-effectively managing stress, controlling impulses and motivating oneself. The ability to set and work toward personal and academic goals.

You will see in the attached worksheet, we ask the students to reflect on what it feels like to achieve a personal goal and a goal for the greater community. We encourage you to use this language with your own children. More work on this habit will continue daily in our classrooms, at the All-School Meeting and in our secret pal letters.

You can also check-out our bulletin board in the front lobby that highlights student voice around these habits.

Stay warm and Begin with the End in Mind.


P.S. Remember as the snow begins to fall, students need to have boots and snow pants to play in the fields and on the equipment. Make a plan to have that gear ready tomorrow morning:) 

Begin with the End in Mind: 

7 Habits: Begin with the End in Mind

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