Dear Hunnewell,

At this morning’s All-School Meeting, we announced the winners of our Scrabble Contest. 

Kindergarten: Mara Bryan and Zadie Choi-Undheim tied with making the the longest word and Grant Batka found the most words. 

1st Grade: Brooklyn Barber and Calvin Richardson tied with the making the longest word and Caroline Jaffe found the most words.

2nd Grade: Violet Staley-Goss made the longest word and Grant Wheelan found the most words.

3rd Grade: Hailey Duan made the longest word and Grace Taylor found the most words.

4th Grade: Alex Mitchell made the longest word and Conor MacCormack found the most words.

5th Grade: Henry Ofenloch made the longest word and found the most words.

We also reviewed the habit, Begin with the End in Mind. We asked students to shared goals they are working on. Some of the goals mentioned were using time after school wisely, making better choices about where to work distraction-free in the classroom, getting a Wii back, finishing a book series, and getting better at soccer. The students also shared their plans for achieving the goal. 

We also watched Begin with the End in Mind starring Ms. Haskell, Ms. Colangeli, Mr. Vacaro, Ms. Fernandez and Ms. Scott. It is attached here for your viewing pleasure.

Finally, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all enjoy rest and relaxation with friends and family!



All-School Meeting-Begin with the End in Mind
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