Dear Hunnewell,

Barbara Barnett, the K-5 Director of World Language, has asked that I share the following message with you:

An exciting announcement for our Spanish students!

This year, Spanish for Elementary Schools (Spanish FLES) will be included on the report card in order to share with you how your child’s Spanish skills are progressing.  Besides helping your child to grow as a Spanish language speaker, the Spanish class allows your child to develop many of the 21st Century Skills, such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and flexibility.  The report card will include two descriptor areas for Spanish FLES -Communication and Cultural Proficiency- and a brief narrative of your child’s performance.  Should you have any questions throughout the process, please feel free to reach out to your child’s Spanish teacher. Ms. Cristina Alvaro-Sanchez is the Spanish FLES teacher at Hunnewell. Her email address is


Progress Notes-Spanish FLES

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