Dear Hunnewell,

I have learned from Joe McDonough that Universal Environmental Consultants (UEC), with whom the Town of Wellesley has contracted for many years, requested and received the wait-time waiver and permit from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection on our behalf. The UEC role is to oversee all permitting and testing associated with the project and coordinate regulatory requirements with the Mass DEP. Environmental Response Services, Inc. (ERS), a  Massachusetts licensed asbestos abatement contractor, will perform the abatement work under UEC monitoring. The Wellesley Facilities Department has also worked often with ERS on other projects. The work will be performed under “full containment” negative air pressure, with notification signs posted throughout abatement on Saturday morning. UEC will send us copies to document all workers names and license numbers, pre-removal compliance checklists, clearance reports (work monitoring narrative and technical analysis of sampling) and the waste shipment record which documents delivery to an EPA designated facility.

The abatement project consists of removing 6 SF of “Tectum” (brand name) of ceiling insulation to make space for the temporary shoring support to facilitate construction repairs to a damaged support column. 

We are still awaiting the building permit to install the temporary posts on either side of the damaged column and to then repair the lower 30″ of the that column. The good news is we were granted quick permitting on the abatement.

I will continue to provide updates as we move through the project.



Granted Waiver for Abatement

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