Dear Hunnewell,

As we move into the last third of the year, I am noticing an uptick in tardies. Please remember school begins promptly at 8:30. All children benefit from structure and routines, and a late arrival disrupts that very important transition into school. 

I also remind you that the car-line is an active line. Students need to be ready to get out of the car independently. Of course, we are always on hand to help the kindies and first graders; however, students should have all of their gear and be able to get out of the car as quickly and efficiently as possible. When the car-line moves, it keeps people from needing to pull out around cars, which can be dangerous during this busy time. If you need to help your child out of the car, please pull ahead of the circle and park on Cameron Street adjacent to the teacher’s lot. Also remember the circle and the parking lot are closed during arrival and dismissal. 

Thank you for your attention to these reminders.



Arrival at School/Car-line

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