Dear Hunnewell,

On Tuesday afternoon CSI completed the demolition and the repairs to the lower 30″ of the column in the boiler room. Each phase of the project was inspected as it was completed. The form around the base and the posts on either side of the column will remain in place until the cement base cures, and the Town of Wellesley will close out the permit in the next two weeks.

Yesterday afternoon and this morning, Ms. Colangeli and Mr. Pellegrini moved 2K/C back into their classroom.

A special thank you to the students in 2K/C, Ms. Colangeli, Ms. Finn, and Ms. Forsythe for demonstrating flexibility throughout the process and to Mr. Pellegrini and Joe McDonough for overseeing and expediting the work.



Update on Boiler Room and 2K Classroom

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