Dear Hunnewell,

Over the past several weeks the students have been learning about the sixth habit, “Synergize,” in 7 Habits of Happy Children. The teachers read a story, “The Big Bad Badgers” to the students. In the story the friends in 7 Habits of Happy Kids are playing in a soccer game against the badgers. The badgers take an early lead, primarily because the characters in 7 Habits are not playing as a team. Two of the friends, Jumper and Sophie, give the rest of a team a pep talk and suggest that they could win the game if each person uses his/her individual strengths. The friends were able to tie the game and then Sophie suggests that they try a new play. The team rallies behind the idea and lo and behold the friends beat the badgers by one goal. This story clearly illustrates what synergy is, valuing individual strengths and pulling them together to create a better outcome/solution/new idea than anyone could do alone.

Every member of the Hunnewell Community has a strength. When we take time to learn about each other’s strengths and capitalize on those strengths, we are using synergy to build a strong community united in our C.A.R.E. values. This morning the teachers explained to the students that we were going to practice this habit, specifically in the cafeteria. For the next few weeks, each student has an assigned seat in the cafeteria to provide an opportunity for students to get to know someone that they might know as well. At the end of the day, Ms. Brooks and Ms. Cannon shared that their students really liked the assigned seats. Some students reported that there was no pressure to get to a seat next to their best friend, that it was nice to talk to some new friends, and that it was relaxing. While this is only a small sampling of students, I appreciate their openness to trying something new and actively living the sixth habit, synergize.  

As we close in on the final seven weeks of the 2018-19 school year, I thank you for supporting all of the work we do to help your children grow socially/emotionally and academically.  

Have a nice evening. 


Habit #6- Synergize

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