Dear Hunnewell,

As we work to complete the Hunnewell Feasibility Study , I thank the entire Hunnewell Community for supporting the work of the School Building Committee. As the SBC prepares to vote on whether an early Hunnewell is feasible, they need to make recommendations on the building design, swing space, and parking. While SMMA, the architectural firm, developed many designs of a “new” or an “addition/renovation” Hunnewell, the SBC looked to find one or even two locations for all of us to move to while under construction. The SBC is also exploring an internal swing space option, which would require our Hunnewell students to move with their grade level cohort to another elementary school in Wellesley for two years.  

At this point, we continue to research the feasibility of this option, including busing routes, declining elementary enrollment, and an open enrollment option for families with multiple children. All of the swing space options will be discussed in greater detail at next Thursday’s Feasibility Forum in the WMS auditorium at 7pm. Please join us. 

Right now, there are families that are supportive of the internal swing space option and there are families who have reservations about this option. One thing remains true, we are One Hunnewell united in our C.A.R.E. values. This is a strong community, and it is okay if we have differing opinions. In fact, it will make us stronger. This is a time for listening to concerns and for finding solutions. I am proud to be the Hunnewell Principal and my door is open to anyone who has questions, concerns, or ideas.  

If an option of one or two locations to house the Hunnewell Community is not possible. I will continue to advocate for an early Hunnewell, as I believe our children, staff, and community deserve a facility, sooner rather than later, that reflects and supports our educational values and practices. I believe we can find a way with a team of great minds to make this internal swing space work for the children, the families, and the staff. Sharon Gray summed it up perfectly at the end of last night’s meeting, “This is hard work.”  I am convinced that if there is a community that can rise to the challenge, it is Hunnewell.  

In closing, I thank you again for all you do to support Hunnewell. Enjoy your weekend.​​​​​​​



Hunnewell Feasibility Study

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