In the wake of today’s fire at the Hunnewell School, significant clean-up and damage assessment efforts are underway. The Fire Department’s determination at this time is that no specific cause could be identified. However, it appears likely that the fire was electrical in nature.

Before we can safely re-open the building, several important things need to happen. We are conducting tests of surfaces and air quality throughout the entire school to ensure that no potentially hazardous materials became airborne outside of the affected classrooms. We are also assessing all electrical, fire detection, and other building systems to ensure that nothing was compromised and that all of our systems are fully operational.

As each of these comprehensive steps will take time and after consulting with the many on-site experts at the scene, Hunnewell will remain closed until Monday, May 20th. If for any reason that date moves as a result of the testing and clean-up, we will communicate further details to the Hunnewell community.

I want to thank the Hunnewell staff, the Wellesley Police, Fire, and Facilities Management Departments for all of their efforts today as well as other Town leaders and departments who have supported our team in working through today’s events.

Updated Hunnewell Information
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