Dear Hunnewell, 

We received some good news from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education today. We will only need to make-up one of the days missed last week. Rather than extend the school year to Monday, June 17th, we have decided to have the next two Wednesdays, May 22nd and 29th, run as full days. The students will stay until 3:15 on each of these two days to total the 6.5 hours we need to equal the day required by the state.   

Lunches will be available for purchase from Whitson’s on these Wednesdays as they are regular school days. Kristyn or I will let you know the menu tomorrow.

Doreen Ward, Metco Director, is working on transportation for our Wellesley-Boston students and will be communicating information tomorrow. 

I have contacted Shawn Thompson at WCCC, and at this time they are planning to run the after-school program at Hunnewell on both Wednesdays. He plans to confirm this information with families who participate in this program and me tomorrow. 

On another note, the kids did great today! Lieutenant Mike Leach of the Wellesley Fire Department, Superintendent David Lussier, and Joe McDonough, Facilities Director, joined us at morning mingle and our all-school meeting. Unfortunately, members of the Wellesley Police Department were in training and unable to attend. During the all-school meeting, we emphasized that the building is safe, that our community helpers arrived within four minutes to help us, and that while ‘things’ were lost, everyone in our community is safe. After the all-school meeting, teachers held morning meetings in their classrooms to offer a smaller setting for processing specific student questions. All of the teachers reported that the conversations went well. The students in 4G and 4P really impressed us all with their flexibility and resiliency.  

Should you have additional questions, please let me know. 



Update from DESE/ Hunnewell

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