Dear Hunnewell, 

The outpouring of support and acts of kindness continue to flood into Hunnewell. On Wednesday, the Schofield PTO treated us to lunch from Old School. Yesterday, the 4th graders at Sprague sent over donuts for our 4th graders and flowers and notes for Kim, Kristine, and me. Rachel Conrad from Wellesley Books has offered some suggestions to help us rebuild the classroom libraries, and many, many emails have arrived wishing us well. 

I could not be more proud of the teachers and staff at Hunnewell this week, especially our 4th grade teachers, Ms. Gamache, Ms. Perodeau, Mrs. Forsythe, and Mr. St. Aubin. I also thank their support staff, Ms. Narice, Ms. Doherty, and Ms. Kosmo. They have struck the perfect balance of being sensitive to students’ feelings, while keeping the train on the track and moving forward. That balance was exemplified in the heartfelt performance our 4th graders gave at their Memorial Day Concert yesterday afternoon under the direction of Mrs. Dexter. Katie squeezed in some extra practice time, so that the show could go on as scheduled, and it was awesome! 

While we have had some challenges, the Hunnewell community has demonstrated teamwork and flexibility across the year! We should all be very proud of that!

I hope everyone takes advantage of this three day weekend to connect with family and friends, and I ask that on Memorial Day, you take a moment to think of someone who has sacrificed their life in service of our country.




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