Dear Hunnewell,

This week we had an All-School Meeting to celebrate summer reading and recommit to practicing the 7 Habits of Happy Kids, written by Sean Covey. I want to share some highlights of the meeting.

Congratulations to 5H, who returned 100% of their summer reading lists, to 5S who returned 92% of their summer reading lists, and finally to 2C who returned 85% of their summer reading lists. These classrooms were awarded $200, $150, and $100 respectively, a Wellesley Books gift certificates courtesy of our fantastic PTO! We also drew names of students, who returned their summer reading lists, in each classroom. Our winners are Drew Bechtel in 1B, Fiona Licata in 1B, Nicholas Carlozzi in 2C, Caitlin Stevens in 2KB, Hunter Justice in 3D, Juliet Rogerson in 3M, Luke Maldari in 4P, Alana Stern in 4C, Finn Reilly in 5H and Juliet Maldari in 5S. Each of these students received a $10 gift certificate to Wellesley Books. I have attached a picture of Mr. Pellegrini returning the books we lost on our summer vacation. 

This year in our work with the 7 Habits, Mrs. Scott is recommending books to us that have characters practicing the habits, and Mrs. Dexter, Mrs. Scott and I are collaborating to design experiences for the buddy classrooms, so they can practice the habit. To kick the year off we are reviewing what it means to BE PROACTIVE. At Wednesday’s All-School Meeting, I read the story, A Hat for Mrs. Goldman written by, Michelle Edwards, which is a perfect example of the first habit.

        In this story, Sophia makes pom poms for Mrs. Goldman to put on the hats that she knits for others. One day on a walk with Mrs. Goldman, Sophia notices that              Mrs. Goldman did not have a hat of her own, so Sophia decides to knit Mrs. Goldman a hat. Sophia had learned to knit, but preferred making pom poms, so when          she started knitting the hat she made a lot of mistakes, but she kept trying. After days of knitting, Sophia finished the hat. Unfortunately, it was full of holes.                    Committed to giving Mrs.Goldman a hat, Sophia finds a solution.  She makes red pom poms to cover the holes. She gives the hat to Mrs. Goldman who                            cries when she receives this special gift from her little friend Sophia. 

After reading the story the students shared out all of the ways that Sophia was proactive in the story. To honor our commitment to Being Proactive, both in our effort and our kindness to others, we are making pom poms with our buddy classrooms next Wednesday morning. Thank you to the room parents who are cutting and rolling balls of yarn for each student and to my own husband, Peter, who cut pom pom templates for our 4th and 5th graders. We had a lot of laughs making pom poms last Sunday afternoon, and I can tell you this will be a good challenge for our students. We are all looking forward to it!

I hope you enjoy a fabulous weekend. The weather promises to be lovely, and we look forward to welcoming you to Back-to-School Night next Wednesday night. 




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