Dear Hunnewell,

We look forward to seeing you at Back-to-School Night this evening. I will be making a few comments in the gymnasium at 7:20 between the Grades 3-5 presentations (6:45-7:15) and the K-2 Presentations (7:45-8:15). 

The students worked really hard on their pom poms this morning, and any that were completed will be on display in the classrooms tonight. Of course, some of the pom poms unraveled, but I heard many students express interest in trying again. I saw students BE PROACTIVE during the activity in a variety of ways. They offered to help friends, some needed to start over and over again, some re-watched the videos. Some saw all of their hard work unravel, and they still gave a high five to a friend that competed the pom pom. I know there was some frustration and maybe even some tears, and given what we know about the brain today, these children learned something too.

I will be out over the next few recesses with yarn and extra supplies for those students who want to to try again, and if your children have any interest in making pom poms at home, I have attached the videos. I have plenty of extra yarn for students, so I told them that they could stop by my office.

I do want to send a special shout out to all of the room parents who cut and rolled yarn and all of the parent volunteers who showed up to help in classrooms this morning. Your help was very much appreciated!

Again, we look forward to seeing you tonight.


Ellen (Grade 4 and 5 Pom Poms-Challenging) (Grade 2 and 3 Pom Poms- Easier) (K and 1 Pom Poms- Easiest)


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