Dear Hunnewell,

As you know, this year we are continuing our work on The 7 Habits of Happy Kids. Last Wednesday, we reflected on Habit #1: Be Proactive and watched the video produced by members of our staff that models this habit in action. The students always love these videos. The children shared many examples of how they have been proactive, including, packing my own backpack, practicing my letters, getting to school early for car line, taking responsibility when I did not complete an assignment, helping a friend, and cheering for my friends in a football game when I was unable to play. These are all fantastic examples of the many ways we need to be proactive in school and in life.

On another note, I am sending a gentle reminder that all personal items should be kept at home. We have had an increase of students trying to sneak Pokemon cards, stickers, magic cards, soccer balls, etc out to recess to trade with friends or use. When we see personal items out of backpacks, we will be taking them and asking you to retrieve them in the office. Thank you for your help with this.

We are looking forward to our Extreme Science assembly tomorrow morning as we join Massachusetts in the celebration of STEM. This year’s theme is “See yourself in STEM.” I look forward to seeing any of you who have also signed up to see tomorrow night’s exhibit.




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