Dear Hunnewell,


A huge shout out to our PTO for funding Extreme Science! The students were completely enthralled. Do not be surprised if your children now want to put an upside down cup of water on someone’s head or if there is new interest in a hairdryer and a beach ball. They may want to build a fog maker or explore gyroscopes. The interest in exploring science and the magic behind it was piqued today!

Given the number of families that signed-up to attend tonight’s performance after school today, proves that Extreme Science was a smash hit! My favorite message from Hagerman, the presenter, is that science is all around us. We just need curiosity to discover why and how something works and then wonder if there is a way to improve what we have discovered.

This afternoon we welcome Dr. Mark Siddall, Explorer, Researcher, Professor and Museum Curator at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Dr. Siddall will show the students how optical tools are used in scientific studies. Dr. Siddall’s presentation is designed to show us how we can see ourselves in science. Thank you WEF and WPS for funding this experience for our students.




WOW: Extreme Science

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