Dear Hunnewell,

This week we have moved onto the second habit in 7 Habits of Happy Kids, Begin with the End in Mind. To begin our thinking about this habit,  Ms. Scott and I read, Miss Rumphius written by Barbara Cooney at an all-school meeting. In this charming picture book, Miss Rumphius is instructed by her grandfather to leave the world a better place and after a life-time of thinking what she could do, she decides to plant colorful lupines across the countryside. 

The students also worked with their buddies to put together a puzzle. The challenge with this project was that the students had to do this using the backside of the puzzle first. They realized it was had to get to the end when they didn’t know they were building. Once they were able to see the front side of the puzzle they could put the puzzle together in a few minutes.

Stay tuned for more to come on this habit. Stay warm and enjoy the long weekend!



This week at Hunnewell!

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