Dear Hunnewell,

Yesterday at our all-school meeting, we celebrated our work with Habit #2: Begin with the End in Mind. Ms. Kaminski, Miss McFarlane, Mrs. Murphy, Miss Hennessey, Miss Warner, Mrs. Finn, and Mrs. Archambault shared their video on how you can Begin with the End in Mind, ALL DAY LONG! When you use transition time to get your materials ready to learn you are beginning with the end in mind. When you are kind to classmates, you have friends to play with at recess. When you want your published writing to be strong, you make  good use of your writing workshop time to draft and revise your work, and when it is time to go home, follow a routine to make sure you leave with everything you need. Of course, we appreciate any systems that you can set up at home to make sure that your child arrives at school with everything they need.

I’ll be honest, I’ve noticed an uptick of parents bringing in forgotten lunches, homework, etc. I have aslo noticed a lot of children coming to the office not clear on their after school plans. I suggest that you help your child/ren Be Proactive and Begin with End in Mind by following a consistent morning routine, so that they leave the house with everything they need for the day ahead. If something is forgotten, let them deal with the natural consequence of a forgotten item. They will get a lunch, they will survive without sneakers for a Health and Fitness class, and they will survive with a missed homework assignment. WE HAVE ALL SURVIVED FORGETTING SOMETHING THAT WE NEEDED. Please let your children experience these natural consequences. They are a part of daily life for all of us.

Over the next several weeks, we are going to combine our commitment to Being Proactive and Beginning with the End in Mind for a cause beyond the halls of Hunnewell. Knowing that winter is right around the corner, we are collecting hats, mittens and scarves for Circle of Hope, a nonprofit organization committed to providing clothes, toiletries and other necessities to the homeless in order to support their overall health and dignity. I have attached the flyer at the bottom of this email. We would appreciate you involving your children in donating to this cause. Perhaps your child/ren could do a few extra chores to earn some money to buy a hat or pair of mittens. We want this to be a child-centered drive so they see the value of Being Proactive and Beginning with the End in Mind. Each classroom has a box to collect donations. The hat, mitten, and scarf drive will end on Friday, December 20. We will be sure to let the students know what we were able to collect at our January all-school meeting. I will also communicate the results to you. Thank you for your support of this project!



Circle of Hope 


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