Dear Hunnewell,

Over the last few days, I have noticed a number of students wearing electronic devices. I want to remind you per the WPS Elementary Student Handbook that these items must be put away during the school day. Teachers, staff, and I will be asking students to place such devices in backpacks during the school day. I also remind you that while we expect them to be safe in backpacks, we cannot guarantee their security. See Section 2, page 14 of the WPS Elementary Handbook below.

Smart Phones, Smart Watches, And Other Electronic Devices

For reasons of distraction, safety, and security, smartphones, smartwatches and other electronic devices must be put away during the school day with no exceptions. These items are not considered “put away” if they are in the pockets of jackets, coats, or pants. Parents wishing to reach students during school hours are asked to call the main office and leave a message for the student or ask that the student come to the office and return the call. 

Text messaging during the school day is prohibited and is not allowed even between the student and a parent/guardian. In the event that a student’s cell phone or any other electronic device is visible during the school day, the following procedure will be followed: The phone or device will be confiscated and kept in the office. For the first offense, the student may pick up the item at the end of the school day.  For future offenses, the item will be returned at the discretion of the Principal. If this becomes a repetitive issue, the phone will be confiscated and a parent will have to retrieve it from the office. Discipline for repeated violations will be left to the discretion of the Principal. 

Thank you, ​​​​​​​


Electronic Devices

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