Dear Hunnewell,

We have moved onto Habit #4: Think Win-Win from The Seven Habits of Happy Kids. This habit is about compromise and considering options so that everyone gets what they need. It asks the children to think about the success of everyone in their community. Last week at our all-school meeting, I read The Golden Acorn by Katy Hudson. In this story, Squirrel, the long-standing, singular champion of the Golden Hunt Nut Race, has her world rocked when she finds out that this year it is a team event. She is quickly frustrated that her teammates, Turtle, Bear, and Rabbit, have no idea how to move fast. In the end, Squirrel finds out the importance of friendship and the value of being a team player. 

To practice this habit, the buddy classes worked together this morning in an activity that required them to hold hands in a circle circle while passing a hula hoop around the circle. The students had to help each other, and it was fun to see the camaraderie and the laughter as they tried to complete this activity. They did a great job working together.

I’d like to ask you to work with me in a Think Win-Win situation. During our car-line drop off, I have noticed some people pulling around the vans or buses with flashing lights and around other cars when students are exiting. I have also notice parents getting out of the car to help their children, and some parents are stalling the line as they watch their children get into the building. In order to keep this active car-line running smoothly and efficiently, I ask that you follow the rules of the active car-line.

The curb between the two circular driveways IS THE ONLY DESIGNATED LIVE DROP-OFF ZONE! Make sure your child is ready to exit the vehicle promptly. 

  • Pull ahead as far as you can to make room for cars in line behind you.

  • Pull your car completely to the curb before discharging passengers.

  • Drivers MUST STAY in their cars to keep the traffic flow moving.

  • Children exit from the curb-side of the car ONLY.

  • Pulling around a car that is unloading students is prohibited!

  • It is illegal to pull around a school bus/van when the lights are flashing.

If we follow these guidelines, the students will get into school safely and you will get where you need to go on time and without a fender bender. Think Win-Win:)

Thank you for your help.


Think Win-Win!

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