Dear Hunnewell,

The highlight of this week was having Barbara McClintock, author and illustrator visit us. The children were inspired by her presentation where she shared the places and passions that have guided her writing and drawing. The students enjoyed her story about calling famous Author and Illustrator Maurice Sandek when she was just getting started to learn how to write and illustrate a book. She told the students that she was not sure if he would answer her questions or hang up on her, but either way she felt she had nothing to lose because if the worst thing he did was hang up on her than so what. In fact, he spent 30 minutes on the phone giving her good advice and explaining how to make a dummy book. This story contains two lessons. It is worth taking risks and important to ask for help. I was particularly inspired by the way she described a studio. She explained that a studio is a wonderful place where you work, surrounded by the things that inspire you, and people can only come in when you invite them, so that you can stay focused on your passion. I think we should all have a studio! In turn, Ms. McClintock was very impressed with our students’ engagement and for that I have to give a shout out to Roxanne Scott, who spends weeks preparing our students for the author visits, so that they are an informed and excited audience. I also thank our very generous PTO for the funds to attract such famous authors and illustrators, and to Naz Hassenein and Candace Lee for working with Roxanne to coordinate the event! 

I do hope you all enjoy a Happy Valentine’s Day with your loved ones and I wish you a happy vacation! We will see you back on February 24th.



Highlight of the Week/ Happy Vacation!

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