Dear Hunnewell,

Hope everyone is remaining healthy and safe! I also hope all of the Hunnewell Moms have enjoyed a relaxing day! Well-deserved:)

I am writing to thank you for all you are doing to support RL 2.0. In observing the Zooms and in speaking with the teachers, I thought it might be helpful to review some expectations and tips that can make the experience as successful as possible, especially for our students, although I want to support you parents that are finding yourself in the role of teacher, too. Please feel free to share this email with your children:)


1. Students are expected to complete and submit all assigned work. Teachers will provide feedback that will support ongoing learning and growth. If your child is finding the work too challenging, please have your child ask for help directly or help your child reach out to the teacher.

2. Help your child find a place to Zoom that is relatively quiet and distraction free. I know this can be challenging with everyone working and living at home, but whatever you can do to help with this is appreciated.

3. Make sure your child’s face is present for the Zoom. Just as in the classroom, we learn a lot by noticing a child’s expression. If for some reason your child is not comfortable w/ the video on Zoom, please email the teacher that your child will be present and listening, but their video will be shut off. Otherwise, teachers will ask students to activate their video.


1. If you or your child need help with Seesaw or Google Classroom, you can email the teacher or the help desk:

2. Be on the lookout for updates from Zoom. Updating your Zoom account does minimize the chance for technology glitches. 

3. If your child is having difficulty engaging with remote learning, you might ask them to take you on a tour of Google Classroom or play around w/Seesaw together. If you think I can be of assistance in supporting your child, please email me. 

As always, I thank you for your support!



Remote Learning 2.0

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