Dear Hunnewell,

Given all the uncertainty that came with re-opening our schools this past fall, it is great news that we continue to be open! While we have had isolated cases, the metrics on the WPS dashboard show that what we are doing in our schools is working! Our commitment to our health and safety protocols (mask wearing, hand washing, social distancing, surface cleaning) is working. We also appreciate all you are doing to keep us safe, which we know has required you to curtail travel and minimize social gatherings and/or limit your interactions to certain families. We also appreciate the work you have done to support your children with mask wearing. While we all want to be mask free at some point, our students have done an excellent job wearing their masks with fidelity. As we enter into the new year, I ask that we keep up the great work together. Please continue to reach out to our nurse, Ms. Costello with questions, so that we can keep our students and staff safe and our doors open! 

On a similar note, at this time we are not planning to bring back our third graders. As I mentioned above, what we are doing is working. In order to bring back our third graders, we would have to compromise our six foot social distancing guideline. I know this is disappointing, and I know that the district will continue to monitor current conditions in Wellesley and across the state, especially as vaccines continue to be administered. Trust that I am committed to getting all of the children back at Hunnewell, we have to do it safely. 

There are a few other shorter announcements that are also important, please keep reading:

  1. Next Wednesday is a full day for Cohort A and all K-2 students.

  2. ARRIVAL CAR LINE:  The curb between the two circular driveways IS THE ONLY DESIGNATED LIVE DROP-OFF ZONE! Make sure your child is ready to exit the vehicle promptly. If you need to park your car, see below.

  • Pull ahead as far as you can to make room for cars in line behind you.

  • Pull your car completely to the curb before discharging passengers.

  • Drivers MUST STAY in their cars to keep the traffic flow moving.

  • Children exit from the curb-side of the car ONLY.

  • Pulling around a car that is unloading students is prohibited!

  1. DISMISSAL: The curb between the circular driveway can only be used by the vans and buses. No car should be parked in that space. 

  2. TARDIES: Please make sure your children are getting to school on time. Every minute counts in school! When children arrive on time, they begin their day with a positive outlook.  Students have responsibilities early in the day, including signing in, ordering lunch, getting unpacked and ready for the day, and beginning school work. When children arrive on time, they support the classroom’s focus on learning.  Research has shown that attendance is critical for school success.  A student who is 5-10 minutes late every day will miss the equivalent of a week of school.  

Thank you for all of your continued support! I wish you a nice weekend!



In the Halls of Hunnewell

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