Dear Hunnewell,

First and foremost, I wish everyone an healthy and relaxing break! Please remember the State Travel/Holiday Guidelines remain in affect. I am also reminding you of the Required Attendance in the Hybrid Learning Model, which was presented to the School Committee on November 24 and sent through SchoolMessenger to our community on December 1.

  • In-person learning is an essential part of the WPS hybrid model. Students should be in school on their designated hybrid day unless there is a documented, approved reason for them to remain at home. Parents need to follow their school’s procedure for reporting an absence. 

  • In some instances, a student may be sick (e.g. cold, sore throat) and still healthy enough to access their learning from home. These situations must be coordinated/approved in advance and through consultation with the teacher, school nurse and/or the school principal. Your school nurse is an excellent resource if you need any guidance or direction when making this decision.  

  • Students/families should not opt to be remote for reasons of convenience (e.g. vacation/travel plans, family visits, student preference). 

  • If a student/family opts to be remote on one of their designated in-person learning days without an approved reason, the student may be marked absent (unexcused absence) 

    In the Halls of Hunnewell
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