Dear Hunnewell,

While we have received our fair share of rain,  I hope you all enjoyed a Happy 4th of July and are making the most of a well-deserved summer vacation! 

Two members of our Hunnewell family started their summers off with wonderful celebrations! Mr. Ligon and Julie Winn welcomed their daughter Blake into the world on Friday, June 25, and on Saturday, June 26, Kristine Perodeau was married to her husband, Tim Fledderjohn. We are so happy for both Devin and Kristine! 

While I have taken some time away from school, it has been wonderful to have the time to reflect on what I think we can all agree was a year like no other. We had our share of challenges for sure, however, I think we can also agree that our community weathered the storm with flying colors. It was so wonderful to be able to back in-person for our last two months of school, and to able to celebrate our fifth-grade moving-on and clap-out ceremonies and end-of-year assembly together in our backyard! Moving forward, I know we want to keep some of the new traditions we discovered alive in our planning for the 2021-22 school year.

On that front, Tom and our guest custodian Joe are hard at work getting Hunnewell clean and put back together for the 2021-22 school year. This is no easy charge, as we moved so much furniture around last year. I want to give them an early and huge shout out for their great work to date this summer. It is nothing short of a herculean effort!

As an FYI for you, we are planning for two sections at each grade level again. Lynn Kaminski and Katie Bresnehan have decided to take another year-long leave of absence. Lynn is planning to help launch a pre-school at her temple and Katie is expecting her third child in August and has decided to spend this next year as a full-time mom. As a result, we will be welcoming back Jessica Murray and Grace McQuade back to Hunnewell! Below I have listed our grade-level teachers. 

Kindergarten- Donna McFarlane and Jessica Murray

Grade 1- Laura Brooks and Grace McQuade

Grade 2- Lisa Cannon and Megan Conroy

Grade 3- Cecily D’Esopo and Anna McGrath

Grade 4- Suzanne Colangeli and Kristine Perodeau

Grade 5- Heather Haskell and Marcia Sullivan

We will also be saying good-bye to several teachers who really stepped up to the plate in a big way for us this year! Given that we will only have two sections, I regret that we have to say good-bye to Kate Connolly. The entire Hunnewell community benefited from having Kate on our team this past year. She adored her second graders and advocated strongly for their full return to in-person learning. She is a talented educator. Guille Salono-Franco will also be leaving Hunnewell. At the end of the year, she made the decision to return to home country, Spain. Her warmth and kindness brightened our hallways every day during this challenging year. Finally, we say goodbye to Patrick McAllister. The student’s artwork brightened our hallways and Patrick was willing to pitch in and help whenever needed. Each of these educators will be missed, and I am grateful for their hard work and commitment to our children and our community this past year!

We will also miss our beloved custodian, Larry Pellegrini! Larry was an integral part of our Hunnewell family and saw us through some challenging times with our good, old building! He took great pride in keeping Hunnewell clean and safe for our students and staff. He was one of the first to welcome our kindergarten students and make sure they knew they could always count on him as a community helper. He would do anything for any member of our community. He was simply, THE BEST and is very deserving a long, happy, and healthy retirement! 

An additional note, Peter Knapp, our art teacher, will be returning from the Remote Learning School, as will Cristina Alvaro-Sanchez, our Spanish FLES teacher. We look forward to welcoming them back! 

I will continue to provide updates to staffing over the course of the summer, as we are planning some shifts with our teaching assistants. Once, we have everything finalized, I will let you know. 

Next week I look forward to our administrative retreat to get into the nuts and bolts of our district and school planning. I have no doubt that I will have many updates to share. In the meantime, enjoy the weekend!



In the Summer Halls of Hunnewell
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