Dear Hunnewell,

Tomorrow night at the School Committee Meeting, Dr. Lussier will share the host school assignments for each of the Hunnewell grade-levels. The Internal Swing Space Committee worked for several months to make this determination based on a myriad of factors.

Prior to the Internal Swing Space Committee meetings, David Lussier, Cindy Mahr, Assistant Superintendent of Operations and Finance, Sarah Orlov, Director of Student Services, Kristen Stacy, Department Head for Elementary Special Education and Ellen visited the host schools to see the classrooms and office spaces available to us. While we are in a period of declining enrollment, space is still tight in the host schools.  Each of the host schools are making every effort to keep our grade-level classrooms near one another and in spaces that will help us feel a part of the school community.

While we know the grade-level assignments  will not be perfect for every family, please know that this was a complex decision and many factors were considered. Once the host schools identified the spaces available, members of the Internal Swing Space Committee needed to determine the appropriateness of those locations for each grade-level, as well as the spaces identified for our students who receive special education services. We also sought to place siblings in the same host school when possible, but recognize this was not possible for many families.  Finally, we worked to ensure the locations worked for both year one and year two. The construction timeline continues to have students in the new building in February of year two. Below, we have listed the grade-level locations for year one and year two.


Year 1 (2022-2023):

Bates: Kindergarten and Grade 5

Hardy: Grade 3

Sprague: Grades 2 and 4

Upham: Grade 1

Year 2 (2023-2024):

Bates: Kindergarten and Grade 1

Hardy: Grade 4

Sprague: Grades 3 and 5

Upham: Grade 2

The Internal Swing Space Committee will host a Hunnewell community meeting on February 7, at 7PM to offer additional information on the swing space model, including a presentation on the transportation model to date. This meeting will be an opportunity for you to ask questions, but in the meantime please feel free to reach out to Ellen Quirk or our Parent members of the Internal Swing Space Team.


Ellen Quirk

Brittany Barber

Jen Mock

Nikik Ofenloch

Internal Swing Space Update
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