Dear Hunnewell,

I hope you enjoyed this beautiful afternoon. Spring is trying to get here:)

Work continues to move forward as we plan for the internal swing space. This week the working group will meet to review the transportation survey and a week from Monday, I will begin working with the two Department Heads for Elementary Special Education, Kristen Stacy and Astrid Mazariegos, and the other elementary swing space principals to make a plan for our students receiving special education services. Additionally, I will be starting regular meetings with the principals to plan student visits to their respective schools this spring along with other opportunities for the students to begin connecting with their grade-level counterparts at the host schools. There are other topics to be covered like kindergarten orientation and communication channels during our time in swing space. I will plan to draft a document that will outline these specific topics and provide updates as decisions are reached and dates confirmed. 

If there is any question you have specific to internal swing space, please share in an email to me.

It will most definitely be a busy spring. Stay tuned!


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