Dear P.A.W.S.’s Community, August 2018

On behalf of the P.A.W.S. PTO, we extend a warm welcome to all new and returning families attending our wonderful school! We hope you enjoyed the summer and have been looking forward to the upcoming year.

This summer, we have planned an exciting calendar of events geared towards our mission- supporting the education of children at P.A.W.S. by fostering relationships among the school, parents/caregivers/guardians (families), and teachers. All proceeds from these events go directly to our classrooms and help fund bi-monthly music with the students’ favorite, Ken the Music Man; the teacher’s discretionary fund, classroom supplies, as well as many family friendly experiences that we will host throughout the year. Attached are the planned events for 2018-2019 school year. The culmination of our fundraising will occur with our largest fundraiser, the Spring Auction. Last year the Spring Auction generated more than $30,000 for our school.

We look forward to meeting you at this year’s orientation and hope you will join us on the P.A.W.S. PTO! There are many ways to become involved- take on one of the open positions on the P.A.W.S. PTO Board, attend meetings to provide input, participate in the events, like us on Facebook, become a room or library coordinator and more. For more information about becoming a room parent, email paws@paws- Look at the PTO Board Members and Coordinators for more information on each role in this packet. Any amount of involvement is appreciated.

During our meetings, we provide updates from the school district, discuss upcoming school activities and community needs. Meetings are held once a month in the staff lounge at P.A.W.S. after morning drop-off. This year, we are also happy to invite parents to some evening PTO meetings where they can bring their P.A.W.S. student in PJs to enjoy some activities and snacks in a P.A.W.S. classroom with staff during the meeting. (See calendar for details).

Find us on our website at for events, updates, meeting minutes, registrations and more. We will update the website with important information throughout the year. Also, please make sure you have opted into our weekly newsletter through Powerschool so we can keep you informed about what is new and exciting at P.A.W.S. and in the community.

Upcoming events *Thursday, September 6th @ 9 a.m. – 1st PTO Meeting located in the staff lounge at P.A.W.S. *Saturday, September 15th – Playdate in the Park @ 9 a.m. at Perrin Park (Thomas Rd. off of Weston Rd)

Warm Regards,

Elizabeth Nelson

2018-2019 PTO President

Please click on the link for more information about the P.A.W.S. PTO!

2018_PAWS_PTO_Orientation letter.pdf 

2018-2019 Welcome Letter from the P.A.W.S. PTO
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