WPS provides a multi-faceted induction and mentoring program to grow our new professional staff during their first year in the district:

  • New Professional Staff Orientation
  • Mentoring
  • Group support by level (PreK-5, MS & HS)

Mentor Program

The Wellesley Teacher Mentor Program encourages experienced, professional-status teachers to share their knowledge, talents, and skills with teachers new to the district. All teachers in their first year at Wellesley participate in our Mentor Program.

The goals of the Mentor Program are to:

  • Improve student learning and achievement through the understanding of programs and curriculum
  • Integrate teachers new to Wellesley into the culture of our schools with a keen understanding of core values, beliefs, and expectations
  • Increase each new teacher’s personal and professional development, enabling them to gain comfort, confidence, and instructional expertise
  • Recognize outstanding experienced, highly qualified teachers and provide an opportunity for them to reflect upon and share their knowledge and expertise
  • Retain highly qualified teachers
  • Create an atmosphere of collegiality and openness that heightens morale and reduces isolation
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