Educators may earn Professional Development Points (PDPs) by participating in at least ten hours of professional learning on a topic with an observable demonstration of learning (e.g., a written product or other documentable product). The activity must be approved and submitted by the appropriate Department Head, Director, or Principal.

School-Based Activity: Small groups of educators may earn 10 PDPs for engaging in professional study that focuses on strengthening content knowledge and skills.

Curriculum Development: Small groups of educators may earn 15 PDPs for curriculum work that is published or formally shared within the district.

Proposal Process

The Department Head, Director, or Principal completes an Educator Designed Activity Proposal and submits it to the Director of Professional Development. Proposals are accepted at any time during the school year.

Educator Designed PD

The District will award Professional Development Points (PDPs) for individual professional learning pursuits if it meets the two requirements described by DESE:
Ten PDPs may be awarded for activities that (1) represent at least 10 hours of sessions/workshops on the same or similar topic and (2) result in a final product that would serve as an assessment of learning, such as developing a school-based activity or curriculum, or publishing written material.
Please submit this form to request PDPs for self-directed learning.
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