Dear Parents and Guardians,


It is hard to believe that Graduation is less than 7 months away. We have already begun planning!


Each senior who participates in our graduation activities must wear a red cap and gown, families can purchase.  This year we will be using a new vendor closer to Wellesley, Joston’s.


All your graduation needs (cap, gown, and tassel) can be purchased online and your order will be sent to the High School.  Students will receive their regalia in advance of our graduation festivities.

Cap, gown, and tassel cost $16.00

You may also use a gown worn in the past by a friend or sibling and only purchase a cap and/or 2021 tassel, as needed. If you need to order, please email our Representative from Josten’s  Kenner Johnson.  Please let him know your specific needs and provide him with your contact information for follow up.

Cap and tassel cost $8.00.
A cap cost $5.00
A tassel cost $3.00

All orders must be made by December 17th, 2020.  We are asking you to please order as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or do not require any regalia,  please contact your student’s House Assistant.

Bradford House –  Cheryl Rose House Assistant

Perrin House – Brenda Iarossi House Assistant

Phillips House – Karen Bognanni House Assistant

If you have any financial concerns, please reach out to Karen Bognanni, and I will be in touch with you.

Best Wishes,


Andrew Kelton

Assistant Principal

Phillips House

Wellesley High School


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