HOLA SCHOFIELD!!!! Here are some of the things I miss about being in school.   Please enjoy the videos I will be posting every few days by clicking on the link provided on the previous page.

🙂  I miss welcoming you in the morning on the blacktop, and talking to students about small things like their pets or an upcoming school event.  I also miss my morning Tag crew.  You know who you are.  “Tag you’re it!”


🙂  I miss starting the morning announcements in Spanish and purposefully making a mistake each Wednesday to engage your Spanish skills.


🙂 I miss reading to the first graders and making them laugh with the funny voices I have for certain characters.


🙂 I miss musical Mondays and skateboarding around the cafe tables sprinkling fairy dust on everyone.  I also miss making a basket while on my skateboard and hearing you all cheer.


🙂 I miss sitting at a few tables during lunch and having a casual conversation. We always have something to laugh about.


🙂 I miss seeing you in the hallway and noticing something new about you like a haircut, a cool pair of sneakers, or an awesome shirt with a unicorn on it.


🙂  I miss visiting classes and joining an open circle or book group or observing a math or science lesson.  I always leave classes feeling so proud of your hard work.


🙂  I miss getting out to recess and hanging with the ultimate frisbee crew. You know I can toss that disc so far.  I also miss throwing the football or watching a soccer game.  We have so many talented athletes.  It’s always fun being followed by our smallest students and hearing their stories about a game they are playing.


🙂  I miss helping you at the cross walk at the end of the day and wishing you a happy evening.  Your smiles always make me happy.


🙂 There are hundreds of daily interactions that make me feel so happy and proud to be your principal.  During this time away please know that I am thinking of you. I can’t wait until we return to school.  Tomorrow (Friday) your teachers will have a morning message for you to let you know that they too are thinking of you.  I hope you enjoy the website activities that we put together for you.  Don’t forget to be a STAR student even at home and if or when you are feeling like you miss the school, sing our song.  “ …we’re so happy Schofield is our school…”


🙂  A big hug…and one, two, three…release.  We are all waiting for this to pass so that we can be together.

Thinking of Our Students
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