Summer Reading Activities

Click the link below for access to suggested titles, recording forms and a host of on-line resources for reading.  Let’s Get Caught Reading!  The link has a location to upload pictures this summer of your child reading.  Look for Schofield, click and submit!

Summer Reading Activities  LINK Grades K-5, 2020

Summer Math Activities

The district math menu replaces the math calendar which  I launched when I started at Schofield 10 years ago. I ask that kids do as many activities as they want.  If for some reason your child has an affinity for math and wants to explore another grade level, you can do so by referring to any other grade level calendar for that grade on my web page.

As we know the number of school days is based on the agrarian calendar and educational researchers have coined the term “summer slide” to define the learning regression that some students experience due to summer months out of school.  Reading and math activities are some ways to reduce the negative effects of this regression.

Summer Math  MENU  LINK Grades 1-5, 2020


Summer Activities For Incoming Kindergarten, SY 2020-2021

Schofield literacy and math specialists designed a fun and engaging calendar to excite your little one before their first official school experience. Click the link below for access.  Enjoy!  Be sure to click on each picture which is an active link.

Incoming Kindergarten Literacy and Math Activities LINK, 2020

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