Dear Sprague Community,

Thank you for your direct and honest communication as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.  

Please note the following at Sprague:

1.  All Wellesley Schools will be open and following a regular school schedule.

2.  Sprague respects any and all decisions that are made for your child(ren).  You have our support when those decisions are made.  I please ask that you communicate with me/the main office in regards to any absences simply so we know your child is in good health.  Also, reporting an absence is part of our regular school policy.  The report of an absence allows us to know where your child(ren) is/are and it prevents us from calling home to inquire.  Thank you for your support with this process.

3.  Prior to the communication shared on Friday, please know that the Facilities Management Department made a significant and proactive investment in cleaning tools and materials allowing for a deep and thorough cleaning on a nightly basis.  This process will continue at Sprague and all other schools.

4.  Chris Babicz, School Nurse, has visited all classrooms to remind students on the importance of hand washing and how to thoroughly and properly wash hands.  Teachers/staff encourage and remind students to wash their hands throughout the school day.  Our school cafeteria has several hand sanitizing stations that students have access to and will be reminded to use upon entering the cafeteria.

5.  Sprague does not have specific plans to address the COVID-19 topic with students.  However, I am confident that the topic will arise and when it does, staff will remind students that all the adults at both home and school are collaborating to provide and maintain a healthy environment.  Teachers/staff will always use their professional judgement when/if a student requires support on the topic.

6.  The Wellesley Public Schools is in direct and active communication with the MA Department of Public Health and the Wellesley Health Department.  Our collaborative goal is to provide open communication and I/the district will provide updates as they arise.  

7.  Please do not hesitate to contact me directly with any questions as we are here to support and to work as partners.




Sprague COVID-19 Update
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