Dear Upham Community,

I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday break. For those of you traveling please be very careful and enjoy your friends and family.

It is not my intention to provide an obligatory, “what I am thankful” for message.


I am truly blessed to be able to meet your children each day and feel excited about who they are and what they may become.

I am very thankful to be able walk into Mrs. Warmington’s office and check on Thomas Sayles and hear his wonderful laughter.

I am very thankful to be able to walk into KBE and be greeted with smiles, laughter, and an occasional eye roll from Nora Keller because she thinks the principal’s jokes are dumb.

I am very thankful to be able to have deep conversations about our trivia questions with William Haddon. He loves to correct me. I love him for it.

I am very thankful to be able to watch Michael Shortsleeve help others when no one is watching. Way to go Mr. and Mrs. Shortsleeve.

I am very thankful for Watson Waller, he always asks me, “How are you today, Mr. Dees?”

I am very thankful to be able to sit with Amaurys Mojica and talk about our favorite donuts.

I am very thankful for Owen Kilgore. He is always smiling. It makes me smile.

I am very thankful to able to tease Estelle Maroon and have her reciprocate with a vengeance.

I am very thankful for Lila Welburn. Lila, thank you for bringing your exceptional attitude each day. It’s contagious.

I could list every child at Upham because, as I wrote earlier, I am certainly blessed to be with such exceptional children.

I am very thankful to Ms. Robin, Mrs. Warmington, and Mrs. Dutile for their unrelenting faith in the children and families they serve.

I am very thankful to the unbelievable teachers who serve your children. Each day is filled with love, heart, courage and an unwavering commitment to your children.

Lastly (this is not a patronizing statement), I am immensely thankful for your belief in Upham. You drop your children off each day and trust us with the most important people in your lives. That is an AWESOME amount of trust.

It is an incredible honor and privilege to be able to be a part of your lives and your children’s lives.


Thank you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Dare to Dream,

Mr. Dees


Principal’s Message
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