Hello Upham Community,

Each morning we begin our day with announcements and four of our sagacious and tenacious fourth graders help with those announcements. Working with those four students each morning is a reflection of all of our “sagacious and tenacious” students. It is a reminder of why we (the staff) do this work and a comment on the wonderful attitude your children bring to school each day. With the backdrop of Valentine’s Day and the help of the PTO, we have dedicated four bulletin boards in our hallway to reflect the student’s reasons as to why they “Love” Upham. Here is an example of one of the boards.

I am sure you would agree that it is beautiful work. I would like to share with you some of the sentiments of the students. “I love Ms. Robin.” “I love Mrs. Warmington.”

“I love the teachers… all of them.” I would totally agree. “I love to be at Upham because I get to play with friends.” “I love Mrs. Habib and Spanish.” “I love gym” (although Mrs. Walsh would say that is a location and not the class). “I love the blacktop.” My favorite, “I love the Tacos!!!” “I love Upham because the teachers will always help me.”

I hesitate to share the next one, but it is so precious I could not leave it out. “I love the prisiibl”(that’s principal). Here is the picture.

Doesn’t it look just like the principal? It is magnificent! Upham parents, your children are so special, sweet, and fun to be with. They are courageous each and every day because they wear a mask and brave an epidemic to come to school. Do not take that one too lightly.

It is an honor and privilege to be allowed to influence them, teach them, laugh and cry with them, and more importantly, I learn more from them than they could ever learn from me. I would speak for the staff and say they feel the same.

The teachers are exhausted and I would say they need the break as much as the children. Please be safe during the break. Find the time to tell those close to you that “you love them.”  Take some time to reflect, rest and celebrate life.

Thank you for your support. Especially during this crazy, crazy time in life.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dare to Dream,

Mr. Dees

Principal’s Message
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