If the sample you / your child provided is in a sub-pool of two samples that tested positive, you will be notified and should  follow instructions which will include obtaining a physician’s order for a diagnostic COVID test to confirm whether you / your child tested positive:

  1. In the majority of cases, Mirimus will be able to run a diagnostic test on the sample you already provided, in which case you will need to:
    1. Register for an account on Mirimus’s third-party results reporting platform*, sign a consent form , provide demographic information , and answer health history screening questions so that a physician’s order can get issued.
    2. Once you get notified that your diagnostic test results are available, log back into the platform to view/download your individual diagnostic test result.
    3. The physician who placed the order will attempt three (3) care calls to the phone number you provided to explain the diagnostic test results and answer any questions.
  2. 2. If you would prefer not to test with Mirimus or if for some reason Mirimus is unable to run a diagnostic test on your sample, you will be asked to arrange for a PCR test through your primary care physician or you can visit any of the Stop the Spread sites.

Please note: If the diagnostic test results confirm that you / your child is positive, begin self isolation and expect a call from a contact tracer appointed by your town’s Board of Health.

*Mirimus Clinical Labs uses a third-party results reporting platform provided by Meenta.io to collect and process the regulatory requirements for individual diagnostic test reporting for SalivaDirect™ testing.

Here are some commonly asked questions that pertain specifically to positive test results:

For other general questions please refer to the FAQ document.

What does a positive pool result mean?
A positive result means that your sample or your child’s sample is in a sub-pool of two samples that tested positive for COVID-19. You will be notified in email to follow a set of instructions so that a physician’s order can be issued and you can access individual results (see above).

**If your result or your child’s result is positive, it is likely that a contact tracer from your town’s Department of Health will contact you. Please cooperate with this individual.**
Individuals who test positive must self-isolate for 10 days AND until 24 hours have passed without fever or any other symptoms. Close contacts, including family members, will need to quarantine for 14 days.

What if my / my child’s diagnostic test result is negative?
Your child can return to school as long they are without symptoms. There is the possibility that you might be notified that you are a close contact with someone who tested positive and you / your child may be asked to self-quarantine for 14 days.

Will my student be able to participate in hybrid classes via remote learning while under quarantine?
Yes. Please reach out to the Principal/guidance counselor to communicate that your student will be participating remotely in hybrid learning due to a positive pool result. The Principal will be able to answer any additional questions regarding academic support during this period.

When can I return to school?
Before determining your return date, please refer to the COVID19 Situation Chart . If you tested positive, you must self-isolate for 10 days AND until 24 hours have passed without fever or any other symptoms.

How is the data that I share with the third party (Meenta.io) kept confidential?
The results are reported through a secure, HIPAA compliant reporting platform.

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