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Hannah Randolph Scholarship – Deadline Extension to Friday, March 13th

Three years ago this month, Hannah Randolph was a 9th grader in Wellesley High School.  During winter break she died unexpectedly in a skiing accident.  Hannah had touched the lives of many of her classmates.  She is remembered as a teenager who cared deeply about others, reached out to peers that were on the fringes of the social circles, had a quiet, warm sense of humor, and the ability to be silly, just for the fun of it.  She is remembered also for her dedication and hard work in her pursuit and love of music, athletics, and academics.  Her ultimate objective was not necessarily to win, but rather to be the best she was capable of, while supporting her peers, whether they be friends or people she had just come to know.The Hannah Randolph Fund was created in memory Hannah. The Fund offers scholarships to support and encourage others in the qualities that Hannah exhibited in her life.  These scholarships are grants to support an activity or project selected by the recipient and approved by the Fund’s Board.  The scholarships could potentially be used for clinics, camp, or summer programs in the areas of sports, academics, or music.  An award could also be used as a stipend for a student choosing to serve as a community service volunteer, either locally or outside of Wellesley.Once a scholarship is awarded, the recipient determines the activity or project for which they would like to use the scholarship money.  Upon approval by the Board of the Hannah Randolph Fund, the scholarship monies will be dispersed.This year the Hannah Randolph Fund will offer two scholarships.  One is the annual scholarship awarded to a 9th grade Wellesley student, the other scholarship will go to a student in Hannah’s class of 2015.This scholarship meant to look beyond an individual’s achievements and talents in order to recognize students who exhibit the qualities that are most valuable to communities.  Those characteristics are caring, empathy, a willingness to work hard, the courage to reach out to others, and a passion for their interests in life.Please find two applications attached, one for a student to apply and one for an adult to nominate a student (must be a Freshman or in the Class of 2015).
There is still time to submit an application, please do so no later than Friday, March13th to Mrs. Diane Zinck in the Main Office on the 1st Floor.Thank you

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Hannah Randolph Scholarship
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