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2015 – 2016 Schedules & Arena Day Schedule

Hello,We are pleased to inform you that your student’s 2015-2016 schedule is available through Power School.  If changes are necessary to their schedule, the high school will provide Arena Day on the following days and times to accommodate their needs.Please read the following:ARENA DAY SCHEDULINGJune 10th – Class of 2016 (7:30am – 8:30am, 2:00pm – 3:30pm)June 11th – Class of 2017 (7:30am – 8:30am, 2:00pm – 3:30pm)June 12th – Class of 2018 (7:30am – 8:30am, 2:00pm – 3:30pm)
JUNE SCHEDULE: Students should access their schedules through Power School.  They may pick up an “Arena Day Schedule Change Request” form in the Guidance suites.  Students will have time to review their schedules with their parent/guardian(s).  On the above June dates, guidance counselors and departments heads will be available in the gym.  All schedule change requests MUST be addressed during these designated times.  Only the following requests will be considered:

  • Student is missing a required course (i.e. he/she does not have English in his/her schedules)
  • Student is missing a class to continue the pursuit of a strong interest (i.e. he/she is missing a class for which they auditioned and were selected)
  • Student is under-enrolled (i.e. he/she has under 30 credit hours per cycle scheduled)
  • Student is enrolled in the wrong course or wrong level (i.e. he/she requested an ACP math course but was scheduled in an honors math course)
  • Student wants to add an additional class.
  • Student changed his/her mind about a course (i.e. signed up for Political Science and now wants Cooking).  This reason will only be considered in June.

September 1st – Class of 2019 (12:30pm – 2:30pm)SEPTEMBER SCHEDULE:  On the above September day, guidance counselors and departments heads will be available in the gym.  All schedule change requests MUST be addressed during this time.

  • All of the above reasons will be considered EXCEPT:  student may not change his/her mind about a course at this late date.

September 2nd and 3rd – All Grades (2:30pm – 3:30pm)September 4th – All Grades (7:30 – 8:30)
SEPTEMBER SCHEDULE: On the above September days, guidance counselors and departments heads will be available in the gym.  All schedule change requests MUST be addressed during this time.

  • All of the above reasons will be considered EXCEPT:  student may not change his/her mind about a course at this late date.


  • Due to class size guidelines, changes may not be possible.
  • Occasionally changes in staffing, personnel or other unforeseen circumstances require changes in student schedules over the summer.
  • Please see the Student Handbook for the policy on level changes.  Level changes can be considered outside of the designated Arena Scheduling dates/times.


  • Students arrive at the gym and show their schedule and their “Arena Day Schedule Change Request Form” form to a Housemaster.  The “Student Section” of the form must be completed and signed in order for the student to enter the gym.
  • The Housemaster allows students with reasonable requests to enter the gym where they will immediately report to their guidance counselor.
  • The counselor will discuss the request with the student and discuss possibilities.  If changes are possible, the counselor will complete his/her part of the form and send the student to the appropriate department head(s).  If a student is missing a course for which he/she requested in April, the counselor may add the course without going through the department heads as long as the change is straightforward. 
  • The department head(s) will discuss the proposed change(s) with the student.  If they approve, they will sign the form and send the student to either the next department head or to the scheduler.  If the changes are not approved, they will send the student back to the counselor with a reason indicated on the form for possible revision.
  • If the student is on an IEP, the changes have to be approved by the Special Education Department Head before going to the scheduler.
  • Once all of the changes have been approved by the department head(s), the student will go to the scheduler who will enter the changes in Power School, initial the form, and print out a copy of the new verification form for the student.

If a wait list is necessary for any course, the respective department head will keep and maintain such a list.  If a spot becomes available, the department head will contact the appropriate guidance counselor.  When a student is offered a spot from a wait list, this may impact other classes in the student’s schedule after the Arena Days.Have further questions?  We hope these frequently asked questions and answers will assist you.Sincerely,Wellesley High School Guidance Department

Bradford House Info

  • Location: 2nd Floor
  • Housemaster : Lynne F. Novogroski
  • Attendance Line: 781-446-6290 x4948
  • House Assistant: Mary Donahue 781-446-6290 x4621
  • Guidance Counselors: Marissa Coughlin, Cindy Hurley & Rosanne Sannicandro 

Perrin House Info

  • Location: 3rd Floor
  • Housemaster: Marc F. Bender
  • Attendance Line: 781-446-6290 x4949
  • House Assistant: Brenda Iarossi 781-446-6290 x4632
  • Guidance Counselors: John Steere & Julie Trask

Phillips House Info

  • Location: 4th Floor
  • Housemaster: Andrew E. Kelton
  • Attendance Line: 781-446-6290 x4950
  • House Assistant: Karen Bognnani 781-446-6290 x4647
  • Guidance Counselors: Janet Sozio, Kristi Stone & Meg Walendin
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2015-2016 Schedules & Arena Scheduling Information
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