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Our day today

Dear Families,
I wanted to take a moment this afternoon to write and let you know how the day went at the high school.  I thought this would be useful so you could all ask your kids about the day and check in with how they’re doing.
This morning we held a faculty meeting at 7:00 to make sure the staff had the information they needed about our support plan for the students and the teachers, to go over the schedule for the day and to answer any questions they had about how they might best respond to their students.   We were fortunate to have representatives from Human Relation Service, Newton-Wellesley Hospital, and the Riverside Trauma Center to be here to help with that advice.  All of those organizations are and have been tremendous sources of support. 
We began the day with a normal schedule at 7:30.  We had additional supports around the building in places we had identified as needing them for staff and students.  We held our advisory block from 9:38 to 9:53, which is about twice as long as we normally meet.  During that time students watched a message I recorded for them earlier in the day and they had time for their advisors to check in with them all on how they were doing.  I have included a transcript of what I wrote before recording my message.  It isn’t exactly what I said to the kids because I didn’t read it word for word, but it’s close. 
As I said in my note, the kids grieved differently.  There were some who were upset and some who were not upset at all.  There were some with frustrations that we were not doing more as a school and others who were happy to be moving on with a normal schedule.  Many students wanted to talk about long-term solutions surrounding important issues.  Some students also expressed an interest in being able to have more time to be together in groups. 
Tomorrow we will run a normal schedule, but after school we will be hosting a voluntary gathering for any interested students and faculty members in the school library.   PTSO has generously offered to provide snacks for the “hangout”.  It will start at about 2:45 and go until it needs to end.  The kids who helped us come up with the idea will be putting this out over social media – perhaps before you even get this letter.
I know the students are also looking to put together a celebratory performance event in the coming weeks, but details for that are not available because the planning is very much in the infancy stage.
I hope that you will talk to your kids about their day and their needs moving forward.  Please contact us if you feel there is something we should know or something we can do to support them.  It is probably easiest to contact your child’s guidance counselor, but that is by no means the only avenue and you should feel comfortable reaching out to any of us.
Thanks to you all for being such a supportive and caring community. 


Jamie B. Chisum
Advisory Message 2-22-16 (2).docx ​

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Our Day Today
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