Dear Wellesley High School Families,

I’m writing to you today to inform you about the loss of one of our guidance counselors. Roseanne Sannicandro’s family informed us that she succumbed to her long battle with illness this morning. Roseanne had missed some time during last school year and had not returned to school this fall at all. I gave our staff the news today.

Arrangements are still forthcoming, but we have already begun preparations here for her student caseload. Steve Favulli, our Guidance Director, and I are writing separately to the families on Roseanne’s caseload to let them know the specifics of how we plan to support her students logistically and emotionally in the time to come.

We have a support team in place to help our students and staff in this difficult time. Our Middle School Guidance staff has volunteered to send representatives across the bridge to help assist our own counselors at this particularly difficult time. Elementary and middle school psychologists have generously volunteered to come to the high school to engage with students who might be in need of their services. Finally, our community partners at HRS will be here to offer assistance and support to the adults in the building as they work through this difficult time as well. We have suspended all tests and quizzes until Tuesday.

Today we held a special advisory block where students watched a video message where I announced the passing of Ms. Sannicandro. I explained to them a little of who Roseanne was and why this was such a challenging time for all of us. I offered them the supports described above. I also told them how fortunate we all are to be a part of such a caring and loving community. I told them that even though this is a time of sadness for us I am thankful we have each other to help us get through the challenges it poses.

This year would have been Roseanne’s 30th in the Wellesley High School Guidance Department. She has touched the lives of an untold number of Wellesley High School community members across every stakeholder group. I know there will be many students at the high school who are not affected by her loss directly, but I am acutely aware that so many of our staff members are feeling her passing in deep, meaningful ways. Our staff is grieving for the loss of their friend and colleague.

I will write to you again as soon as I know what the arrangements will be for Roseanne as I know that could have implications if it is a school day when they occur. Until then please know we are of course operating as normally as we possibly can in all phases. If this news causes specific concerns for your child please do not hesitate to contact your house offices so we can partner on an appropriate plan.



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Our Guidance Counselor – Rosanne Sannicandro
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