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Parking Space Lottery for Seniors – 2nd Semester

Second semester parking signup & lottery – School Year 2016-2017

Seniors who had a parking space 1st semester cannot apply. Seniors who have outstanding parking fines will be disqualified.

January 3rd – January 11th, 2:30 PM
Carpooling Lottery

As part of the Green Team initiative to reduce carbon footprint and to encourage senior carpooling next year. Seniors who will drive another senior/s to school can sign up for the carpool lottery in Mrs. Novogroski’s office.

Each student will need to pay by check their equal portion of the $250 fee; check are made out to Wellesley Public Schools.

2 student carpool each will pay $125.00
3 student carpool each will pay $83.34
4 student carpool each will pay $64.50

One sticker will be assigned per car pool for only the driver. Think about who you will carpool with to school, their schedule, attendance because if they do not align with your needs, do not pay to be in that carpool. If the driver is absent or has a 9:30 a.m. day, you will not be able to drive your own car to school. You will get a ticket because your car does not have the sticker.

January 12th – January 20th, 2:30 PM
Individual Space Lottery

Seniors can enter the lottery at Ms. Novogroski’s office for the remaining parking spots. We will post in the house offices on January 20th at 3:00 PM the names of the lucky students. We encourage that they carpool their siblings to school and must pay on-line beginning January 21st. Chuck, Tom and Dan will issue parking stickers to the seniors on January 24th who have paid the appropriate fee.

If all 2nd semester seniors who want a parking space receive one and there are still available spots, we will announce to the class that we will run another lottery and seniors who had a space semester one may apply.

Parking Space Lottery for Senior Year Second Semester Information
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