On November 23rd in the HS cafeteria, students of all grades were welcome to a school wide breakfast hosted by the class officers. Later, all students assembled together for the annual school-wide pep rally. The Class 2019 displayed their pride through a number of homemade banners, posters and other decorations, presented in the gym and cafeteria . A special thank-you to all the students who contributed their time helping the class officers decorate.

Events to come and notifications:
On December 10th, the Sophomore Class Officers sold coffee, water, and other baked goods at the Wellesley Unified Plan forum, at the high school.  Similarly, the Sophomore Class officers are holding a class bake sale, on Friday December 21st after school.  The class officers are currently in need of baked goods for this event; further details regarding how to make a donation will soon be released. Since the bake sale and town forum both occurred in December, the class breakfast has been moved to Friday, March 10th. The Sophomore class officers will be asking for donations from the class for this events.
Two other events this year are the water bottle flip challenge and movie night. The water bottle flip challenge will take place on January 20th, from 5:30 to 7:00PM in the HS cafeteria. The movie night is scheduled for April. Both events will contribute towards class unity and will keep the class engaged. As always, the Sophomore Class Officers strive to keep parents and students up to date, regarding upcoming events.