Dear Parents,

We are excited to extend our 1:1 Learning Initiative to Wellesley High School beginning next fall. The district has ensured that the necessary infrastructure is in place to support this move. Our teachers have been creating digital resources to support and enhance their classroom teaching including canvas course sites, lesson materials, and formative assessments to prepare them for college and career. With these resources, teachers are able to give quick assessments that inform their instruction and provide more timely and specific feedback to students. Educational research indicates that, when 1:1 initiatives are effectively planned and implemented they can have powerful effects on student learning. Implementation factors that are linked to successful programs include sound leadership and vision, sustainable funding strategies, ongoing program evaluation, and continuous professional development. Effective implementations can result in exciting outcomes like these:

We have seen some of these benefits immediately, while others are evolving over time, as teachers and students learn how to take full advantage of the powerful new educational tools available to them.

If you haven’t already, please visit the Wellesley 1:1 Program website to learn more about our program:

There are four participation options:

Option 1:

Purchase a MacBook Air 13” through the school’s two-installment program at a cost of approximately $650 per installment. Installments will be collected in April and in August, 2017 through our Rectrac system. If a student purchases a laptop, they receive the laptop at the beginning of the 17-18 school year and take it home with them each day. The cost of the device includes 3 years of AppleCare. Loaners will be provided to students while purchased computers are being serviced.

Option 2:

Bring your own laptop to school with you daily. We know from our recent survey that many students already have their own laptops. If a student or parent feels more comfortable providing their own laptop, they can do this in lieu of purchasing/leasing through the school. To last 4 full years, the laptop should meet the recommended specifications listed on our web site. Please be aware, however, that if students bring their own laptop they must have administrative rights so they can install the necessary software and configure the device as needed. If the laptop is damaged, loaners will be provided based on availability and students are responsible for the replacement/repair of the laptop within a reasonable time frame.

Option 3:

Use the WHS laptops that will be available to be checked out during the school day. If a family does not purchase a laptop from the district or bring their own, we will provide existing school-owned laptops for students to use during the day in classes and then expect that they have their own device at home to use for work outside of school. Students using this option will be responsible for managing their data so they can access from school or home.

Option 4:

Financial Assistance. If a family qualifies for free and reduced lunch through our schools they are eligible to use a school-owned laptop and take it home daily for the duration of the school year. Families participating in this option will need to fill in the Free and Reduced Lunch application as well as the Information Sharing Form found on our Wellesley Public Schools web site. This documentation is required on an annual basis for continuing to participate in this option.

Your students received a brief information sheet today, January 18 in Advisory about the program and the participation options. We ask you to fill out the online Parent BYOL sign up by January 27, 2017. If you do not have Internet Access please return the paper form by January 27, 2017 to:

Grades 9-11 – WHS House Office
Grade 8 – WMS Home Room

We are tremendously excited that this exciting learning opportunity for our students is coming in the fall, 2017. If you have any questions please email our 1:1 coordinator at 1to1coordinator.



Jamie Chisum
Wellesley High School Principal


Kathy Dooley
Wellesley Public Schools Director of Technology

Wellesley High School Parent BYOL Sign Up
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