Dear Familes of the Class of 2020,

This time of year, we reach out to the freshmen class to apply for the Hannah Randolph Scholarship.

In February of 2012, Hannah Randolph was a 9th grader in Wellesley High School. During winter break she died unexpectedly in a skiing accident. She is remembered for her dedication and hard work in her pursuit and love of music, athletics, and academics. Her ultimate objective was not necessarily to win, but rather to be the best she was capable of, while supporting her peers, whether they be friends or people she had just come to know

The scholarship is a grant to support an activity or project selected by the recipient and approved by the Fund’s Board. The scholarships could potentially be used for clinics, camp, or summer programs in the areas of sports, academics, or music. An award could also be used as a stipend for a student choosing to serve as a community service volunteer, either locally or outside of Wellesley.

Deadline to submit is Monday, February 27 (Monday after break) to Diane Zinck in the Main Office.

P​lease read the attached application and tips for applying for more information, extra copies are available in the Main Office.

​Have a great day and I look forward to your student’s interest in this very special award.


Diane Zinck

Secretary to the Principal
781-446-6290 x 4607


Application for Scholarship Candidates – 2017 – Self.docx

Tips Toward a Successful Application for a Hannah Fund Scholarship – 2017.docx

Hannah Randolph Scholarship for Freshmen
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