June 28, 2017

​​​​​​​Good Morning,

We are pleased to announce that Mrs. Jane Barrell will be joining the Wellesley High School Guidance and School Counseling Department as a School Counselor starting in late August, 2017. Mrs. Barrell has been assigned to Ms. McKearin’s caseload and will be your new counselor in the Bradford House.

WHS is excited to welcome Mrs. Barrell back to the school as she worked with us this year covering a maternity leave within the department. Mrs. Barrell brings a lot of experience to this position as she has worked in Newton, Lexington, and Wayland public schools. We know she is going to be a great fit for our students and families and encourage you to reach out and connect once the year begins.

For those of you that are rising seniors or are the parents of rising seniors, please know that as they prepare for this transition, Mrs. Barrell and Ms. McKearin will be working with one another to ensure that counselor letters of recommendation (a most important detail in the application process) are written collaboratively. While we recognize that a switch to a new counselor in your senior year is not ideal, both Mrs. Barrell and Ms. McKearin are fully aware of way to best explain this to colleges and to advocate for your accomplishments and successes to date.

Until then, have a safe, relaxing and restful summer.


Mr. Favulli

Welcome Guidance Counselor Jane Barrell
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