Good Evening families of Mr Steere’s caseload,

The Guidance Department family is expanding by one. John Steere and his wife, Amanda, will be welcoming their first child this February. 

John will be taking paternity leave around the birth of their child. In his absence we have asked Danielle Racicot to step in to manage John’s caseload. Danielle is current a second year intern working on her Master’s in Counseling at Cambridge College. In her short time at WHS Danielle has proven herself to be an impressive, intuitive professional. She has been managing a small caseload, attending seminars and running groups with our students. Under the supervision of our most veteran and seasoned School Counselor, Julie Trask, Danielle will have the full support of Julie, myself, and the rest of the department as she steps in for this brief leave. 

Danielle’s contact information is She can be reached by phone at (781) 446-6290, ext 4637 while John is out.

There is still a few weeks before we anticipate John’s leave to begin so please reach out if you have any pressing concerns. Know that he and Danielle will work closely during this time so there will be a seamless transition during his short absence.

Congratulations to the Steeres!


Dana Plunkett, Director
Wellesley Guidance Department

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