March 1, 2018

Dear Students,

Course selection for the 2018-2019 school year will begin on Thursday, March 1, 2018. This follows the conversations you have had with your current teachers. The last detail to complete is the formal request of courses for next year. Please consider your academic interests and decide carefully on those courses you wish to pursue. You are encouraged to think of your individual strengths as you seek a schedule that is both challenging and balanced, and factors in the other demands made on your time. Your teachers, counselors, administrators and parents are available to speak about your considerations.

The following schedule is both a recap and reminder of this essential process:

February 26th & 27th                       

Teachers to meet with students to make course level recommendations in PowerSchool.

March 1st – March 14th                    

Students will review teacher recommendations (using student access codes) and input choices for elective courses. Attached to this document are the screenshots and instructions to guide you through these steps. Students wishing to change their teacher recommendations must complete the Course Level Change Request form by March 14, 2018 and returned it to your counselor. The form can be obtained through your House Office. Students who do not wish to take a course that was recommended for you or wish to change to a different course that is at the same level you were recommended for, please notify your counselor.

*Parent/Guardian signature is required on your completed course selection sheet printout as well as a Course Level Change Request form, if applicable. Both are due in your House Office no later than 3:00 pm on March 14, 2018.

Schedules will be released to students in late August, prior to the start of school.

HS Student Course Selection Directions (2018-19).pdf 

Evolutions Program

For rising Seniors (2019) and Juniors (2020) interested in the Evolutions Program, please find the instructions below.

Evolutions Application Instructions 2018 – 2019.pdf 

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