Dear Families,

I’m sure many of you are aware that there has been a lot of talk around the country about a walkout day for students on March 14th.  Many of you are also aware that there are Wellesley High School Students planning on walking out here that day.  I’m writing to let you know that we’ve been working with students here to understand their plan and to let them understand what we have to do as a school to manage the logistics of student safety.

I have attached a student letter to parents explaining what the group plans to do. I am including it with this communication so you can hear directly from the students who are involved in planning this event.  Please see their letter to you for details.

One of the most important beliefs we have at Wellesley High School is our desire to support all of our students the best we can.  I am well aware that there will be students who do not want to or are not prepared to participate in a walk out.  I want to assure you that they do not have to be a part of it.  Teachers will stay in their normal classrooms with however many students choose to stay behind.  All of our school based supports are available for any student who feels they may need them for any reason surrounding the topic of the walk out.

Classes are not being cancelled. Attendance will be taken.  Students who are not present will be responsible for all the work they missed. 

There will be school personnel at the site of the rally to help ensure student safety outside the building. The Wellesley Police Department is aware of all the student plans and they are going to be present to help ensure the moment is safe as well.

There may be some of you who feel we should not be allowing this walkout to take place. I want to address why it is we are allowing it to happen.  Above I talked about supporting all our students, and we feel strongly that when students are being as thoughtful, passionate, and engaged as the students have been in their desire to stage this walkout, we believe we need to support that earnestness.  The walkout also represents a tremendous learning opportunity for them and their conviction to their beliefs is inspiring.  The work these students have done to debate their reasons for walking out, to coordinate a program for their moment, the spreading of their message in letters, video, and on social media has been real world experience that is learning we could not recreate in the classroom.  It has not been easy by any means and I am sure there will be work to come for them. 

Finally, I want to acknowledge the tremendous outpouring of support that the students have received around the walkout.  Individuals, community partners, leaders of civic and religious organizations have been considerate and committed.  I have felt the genuine care and love for our kids.

If you have any concerns or questions I can answer, please feel free to contact me here at school.



Letter to parents 030918.pdf 

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